Friday, March 12, 2010

Shoot with Dominick!

So Yesterday I had a shoot with mr. Dominick Gravel !
Shoots with him are always an adventure.
My first model ended up being sick, and I found out only a few hours before the shoot... so I was in a mad panic. So she made up her friend and sent her over,
only problem was she's a size 2 and I had all size 4 dresses, so we only got to shoot 3 of the outfits, but we still managed to get so cool images out of it!
Very artsy so they'll be good for the campaign photos, and our model was Alessandra, an awesome girl from australia.
The shoot took place in the underground city :) The tunnels connecting all the metros if you feel like walking during the winter. There are some gorgeous spots!
We had to sneak away whenever we saw security but on the most part we were left unbothered... except when a hobo stole our box of timbits!!!
So here are a few of my favorites!

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