Monday, March 22, 2010

New Domain Name

Is this amazing?
yes indeed,
I have a new domain name :D

So exciting, my whole name! On Sunday I made an entire website, from scratch, in one day, because I just needed something up since I will be having alot of hits from the ottawa fashion week.
It's not the spiffiest website, I must say, but I will have the gorgeous one up once the craziness of the fashion week is over.
And hopefully a french version as well.
These last few days I've just been non-stop sewing dresses for the runway, doing photoshoots, organising fittings for the models (lots of cancelling there:), organising accesories, shoes, music, logos, ad, etc etc
I'm still not happy with my logo.... it makes me sad, I really loved the Lia logo, and I made that one in one attempt, but the Keera Sama one I've redone like 10 times so far and I'm still not happy... I guess it's really important to me since it will symbolise what will hopefully become my life's work!
I'll put up a few soon and set up a poll, so people can help me decide!

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