Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ottawa Fashion Week

Ok so I received an official invitation to Ottawa's fashion week. Very exciting but also very scary, it's the most serious show I've ever done!
When they first invited me I freaked out because it meant I had to prepare up to 20 pieces in two weeks, model size (it is so difficult to fit tiny people) and finish my lookbook, press kit, advertisements, runway music all in 3 days!!!! (I got the invitation very last minute) So at first I said no and that I would love to do the next show in September,
but then they told me they really wanted me at this show and they extended a few deadlines so I had to say yes, I was so sad I had said no in the first place, I hate turning down great oppurtunities!
So now I've been going crazy trying to put together my fall 2010/2011 collection,
so far I need to finish 10 more peices, I have 6 done, and this week I have a fitting with the models,
ooh this is an exciting part, I get to use AGENCY models for the first time! After using models from modelmayhem who can be extremely unreliable this is wonderfull news for me! I've been going through tons of zed cards and portfolios picking out my models, it's so much fun! and these girls are gorgeous! they're going to rock my dresses I'm sure.
so after the fitting I'll need to finalise all 17 or so peices and get them ready for the runway...
I still need:
Shoes, Jewelry, and Accessories (I'm thinking brown tights)
Runway Music
More Photography done for Advertisements (any photographers out there?)
Put my new website online

So now I must harrass some stores and see if they'll sponsor some shoes for me...
And I'm going crazy trying to find the right kind of music! I like stuff that is a little more underground with some good percussion (I'm a belly dancer, it comes out in all I do) but it needs to have a solid beat for the walking...
so much to do today! off I go to get it done...

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