Sunday, March 7, 2010

City Wear with an African Flair

After a year of producing a knit wear line I've now decided to put it to rest and focus all my attention on my new baby...
I'm starting a new women's wear line made with fabrics fresh from Africa.
Beautiful textiles with rich colours and unique patterns you won't find anywhere else.
I've provided you with a little preview, these are swatches of fabric that you'll find in my spring/summer 2010 line.
Normally when you think of African fabric either it's relating to the very traditional african dress, or hippy wear you're prone to seeing on Mont-Royal at the tams.
But with this line I aim to make much more modern designs, something you can wear in the city, a night out, a special event, or at the beach on your sunny vacation ;)
All the garments are produced in Montreal, I'm all for supporting industries in my homeland, Canada. But the reason for incorporating African fabrics is that I'm part African myself. Visiting my grandparents in the Nigerian town of Calabar, I got to browse the old style markets where these beautiful textiles can be found in abundance, it was love at first site and I was so inspired.
So this line is the dream that hatched out of that visit to Africa, my grandmother being my number one supporter, a fashinista herself and ex-patriot from Germany.
Being my biggest role model she is the one who drives me to pursue this dream of mine and start up my company.

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